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Shipping Info
I can ship to most U.S. Cities useing
American Airlines,Frontier,NorthwestAtlantic Southeast,
Continental and Canada Air.
(Houston Kennel Facilities # 281-553-6269)

I can ship into  Toronto  & Nova Scotia Canada,
(Shipping in to Nova Scotia calls for an over nite stay
in Houston and a $30.00 Customs fee.
This will be added on to the  shipping fee)
Houston now has an on site kennel care facility.
All dogs staying over 4 hrs will be taken care of by the Kennel Staff.
They charge from $75.00-$100.00 for this.
All day stays,( such as those going to Toronto), add the  $100 kennel fee.
            This has to be paid prior to shipping,so I include that in all shipping prices that go to Toronto..
 I don`t want to try International flights at this time..
                    International Flights take a long time to get the dogs rabies
vaccinations and blood tests and State Health papers fixed.
Therefore if I am sending pups home with Overseas people the pups will be 4-6 months old before they will be allowed to leave..

Shipping fees are $250.00- $300.00 U.S. dollars.
           (unless an unforseen weather or other natural disaster occurs,
 then you will be required to pay a boarding fee
for someone to care for your pup till the plane is on it`s way again)
Fees are inclined to go up when fuel and other costs do...

That includes, Airline Ticket, Health Certificate,Rabies(if needed)
Crate and gas to the Airport.

Most flights are 4-6 hrs. Some are 9 hrs from departure to arrival..
The airlines take good care of the puppies or I wouldn`t use them.

While you wait for your new puppy:

Step 1: make deposit payment to hold the pup you want,
            plus send in puppy form  paper with your info and puppy`s Birthdate
 and Parents names.

Step 2 : wait patiently till pup is old enough to go!
be puppy proofing your home, reading about your breed,
and finding a good Veterinarian.

Step 3: I will try to send weekly pictures of your pup.

      Step 4: I will notify you at the Vet check how your pup did.

         Step 5: You will then be required to send balance due,shipping included

           Step 6: I will make flight arrangements when pups are 7 -12 weeks old
and let you know.

           Step 7: You be at the airport to receive your pup.
Most pups are picked up in the Baggage Claim ,or Cargo areas,
           You can call the airport that you are having the pup sent to
 and ask .

  Step 8: You will need the conformation number or airway bill number
and a photo ID to pick up the pups at the airport.

     Step 9: Please let me know you received the pup and how it is.

      Step 10: You have 3 days to take it to your Vet to confirm it`s health and to see if the plane ride did it no harm..

me if you have any more questions.