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Jo`s Guarantee
Please spay or neuter all Pets! Keep regular Vet visits.
Keep all shots and wormings up to date.
Keep puppy on Heartworm Prevention for his entire life.
                  Feed a “quality” puppy food, such as Royal Canin,Purina O.N.E.,
Maximun Nutrition,Diamond Naturals etc….

                      Jo`s Puppies (hereafter referred to as Seller) will replace a dog  
                    (at Seller's option) if the dog should become ill and  die from an immunizable disease within ten (10) days of the delivery of the dog.
Replacement pup is to be from the next litter available of comparable quailty,& or price as one being replaced.(Seller does not pay shipping!)
The dog in question will have to have died before I replace it.
Does not include shipping costs or related Vet bills.

           Additionally, the Seller guarantees the dog against  any  debilitating
            genetic/ congenital defects,(a defect that would prohibit the animal from leading a normal pet life), for a period of 1 year from date of purchase.
( Unless Sold As IS)
            The dog, once again,to be replaced at Seller's option.
 In order for the above provisions to be enforceable,
         a written statement from the purchaser's licensed veterinarian of choice;
         must be furnished to Seller as to the exact cause of death
 (including an autopsy report) or specific defect.
In the event of a question regarding a defect,
    a second opinion from a licensed veterinarian of Seller's choice will be the governing opinion.

        Seller DOES NOT GUARANTEE any dog against injuries or  illnesses caused by    the neglect or abuse of purchaser;(neglect or abuse also constitutes improper diet).
I do not guarantee against, bites going off as they age,HERNIA`S, luxateing patella`s , eye problems,caused by scratches , OR ANY BREEDING ABILITIES OR ADULT SIZE...      
All puppies have been Vet checked prior to sale.

Thanks for buying a puppy from Jo`s Puppies
Jo  & Ed Wildcat
Rt 1 Box 205-A
Vian, Ok 74962