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America`s Pet Registery Inc.

     America`s Pet Registry Inc. is "My " Registry of choice.
         They are conscientious, and well versed in the dog World.
        They offer courteous , fast service, with affordable prices.
                   They have Dog Shows that will equal any in Quality and Standards.
                      Check their page out on the link I have provided to see for your self all  they offer.

Every dog shown is judged by three judges.
                      Each judge can award up to 30 points making a total of 90 possible points from the 3 judges.
                      A total score of 81 points or more, 90% , must be attained at
                      a show for the score to be retained for working toward a champion title.

                        To become a champion a dog must accumulate 243 or more points in three shows.
                      The dog will have been evaluated by nine judges at the last of the 3 shows.

The judging is based on a scale of 1-5 in six categories.

                       1. Overall appearence or impression, movement and soundness 1-5

         2. Head, mouth,bite, ears,eye color, pigment, expression 1-5

                       3. Neck,top line, front angulation/shoulder, chest, rib cage,height 1-5

4. Rear angulation hindquarters, tail carriage 1-5

5. Coat character, coat color, overall conditioning 1-5

                6. Temperament-growling or biting is grounds for immediate disqualification and removal 1-5

Judges may award half points.

                       The totals of the three judges cards are then tallied, and ALL dogs that receive 81 or better

qualify toward the Champion Title.

                     The dogs are judged against the breed standard for that breed.

Each dog is judged on its own merits.
                        If your dog qualifies or moves forward toward a Championship it MUST be microchipped.

                      This of course is only done once and from there on,
                       when shown and qualifing, the chip is only read not administered again.
                      A "DNA" specimen is taken at each qualifying show in addition to scanning the microchip.