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Jo`s Puppy Form

Please copy and paste this part,
fill in your info and the puppy `s  sex and parents` names
 then either email or mail  the form to me.
This needs to done when you send a deposit...
By doing this you agree to my Guarantee ..
Date of Deposit:
Airport to ship to:

Date of  Shipping:

Puppy`s  Birth Date:

Sex:                            Breed:

Color & Markings:

Sire`s Name:

Dam`s Name:

Purchase Price of Pup:

Non Refundable Deposit:

Balance Due:

Buyers name:

Buyer`s full address:

Buyers phone number:

Buyer`s email address:

1.Have you ever had a Toy Breed before?

2.Do you have a fenced yard?

3. Do you have small children?

4.Do you have any large dogs that might harm the pup?

5.Is someone going to be home to take care of the pup while you are away?
Thanks! Jo